For Sale

We offer a wide variety of goods for sale. If you see something in our store, but don't have enough money to pay for it, you can put a small deposit on the item and pay for it over 12 weeks.

Cheque Cashing

Don't have a bank account? Been paid by cheque? Our cheque cashing service could be the answer. We offer an instant service for third party cheques, and all you require are three forms of ID.

Instant Cash

There are always times when we need a little extra cash. Even as a regular wage earner there may still be times when you might struggle to make ends meet. Raise cash against your goods.

ebay & amazon

ebay & amazon

Instant cash today

Welcome to Money Exchange Brighton, an independent store offering a full range of services. We buy and sell second-hand goods, offer cash for gold, provide a full cheque cashing service, and Western Union Money Transfer.

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